Either a 100% beef burger or a veggie patty coated in breadcrumbs. With onions, salad and chips Add cheese, gherkins, BBQ sauce or bacon for only 75p FAJITA £7.95
Vegetarian, Chicken, Beef or Prawn.
A sizzling platter of seasoned vegetables, onions and peppers. A real Mexican classic. Wrap it all up in a tortilla with cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole and jalapenos for the full effect! RUMP STEAK £7.95
Grilled to your liking with a choice of chips, sauté potatoes or a jacket. Served with mushrooms, fried onions, salad and a grilled tomato. Why not get some peppercorn sauce for an extra pound? AMERICAN CHICKEN MELT £6.95
Tender chicken breast on a bun topped with melted cheese and bacon. Served with chips or salad. CHICKEN STIR FRY £7.95
Crunchy courgettes, onions, peppers with our own blend of hoisin, sweet chilli and soy sauce adorned with strips of chicken served onto a bed of aromatic rice. MACHO NACHOS £5.95
Chicken, Chilli or plain All served with melted cheese, jalapenos and salsa. BOWL OF CHILLI £6.95
Homemade chilli served on a bed of rice with garlic bread SCAMPI & CHIPS £6.95
With tartar sauce, a wedge of lemon and salad. Simple. SUNDAY ROAST £7.95
Traditional roast beef (Sundays only) PASTAs and RISOTTOs
Homemade lasagne served with garlic bread and salad RISOTTO £6.95
Either with chicken, mushrooms or smoked salmon BAR SNACKS
Hot Dog £3.50
Chilli Dog £3.95
Chips £2.50
Cheesy Chips £2.75
Cheesy Chips with Chilli £3.50
Cheeseboard £6.95
Smoked Salmon £6.95 WHITE WINE
( 175ml, 250ml, 75cl) Don Leon Chardonnay £3.60, £4.60, £14.00
Sauvignon Blanc Chile £4.00, £5.00, £15.00
Pinot Grigio £4.20, £5.20, £15.50 Malbec £16.00
Waverider Sauvignon Blanc NZ £4.20, £5.20, £17.50
Chablis £25.00 Rioja £18.00 RED WINE
175ml, 250ml, 75cl
Don Leon
Tempranillo £3.60, £4.60, £14.00
Sauvignon Merlot £15.00
La Joya Carmenere Chile £17.00 CHAMPAGNE, ROSE WINE & SPARKLING WINE
75cl, 175ml, 250ml
Don Leon £3.80, £4.80, £14.50 Brut Cava £20.00
Pinor Grigio £4.00, £5.00, £15.00
House Champagne £40.00
Veuve Clicquot £60.00 MENU


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